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Powered Systems:

D.A.S AUDIO Line Array System( Event Series )

RCF Line Array System ( HDL Live )

D.A.S Audio Compact 115 Powered 3 way full range speakers (1000 Watts Each)

Bose F1 Powered Full Range Speakers (1000 Watts Each)

Bose F1 Powered Bass Bottoms ( 1000 Watts Each )

EV ELX 115P Powered Full Range Speakers (1000 Watts Each)

Cerwin Vega 15" Full Range Speakers (2000 Watts Each)

Cerwin Vega Dual 8" (1000 Watts Each)

FBT Subwoofers (1000 Watts Each)

( Various Other Options Available )


Non Powered Systems:

 EAW LA 325 3 way full range speaker, run bi-amped
EAW LA 212 2 way full range speaker, monitor
EAW EP-1 Dual 15' Subs 

Apogee Sound Double 15” Subs

SoundTube Pendant Speakers

Ramsa Mid Array 12” 2 way Full Range ( Monitors or FOH)

(1)QSC PLX 2402 1400 watts Mid-High Amp for LA 325 mains
(1)QSC PLX 2402 1400 watts Full Range Amp for LA 212 monitors
(1)QSC PLX 3402 2200 watts Low Amp for LA 325 mains
(1)CROWN MA5000i 5000 watts Sub Woofer Amp for EP-1 subs 

(1)CROWN MA5000VZ 5000 watts Sub Woofer Amp for Apogee Subs

(1)Crown XLS402 500 Watts

(1)Crown XLS802 1000 Watts
(1)QSC  EX4000 4000 Watts


Outboard Equipment:




Technics M5G Turntables

 Yamaha EMX 5014C Mixing Board

Serato SL1 Box

Backlit Facade (White)

Keyboard Stands


Rack Equipment:

BBE Sonic Maximizers

Alesis Compressor Limiter Gate

DBX Crossovers
EAW 8750 Speaker Management System
DBX 2231 Dual 31 band graphic eq
BBE 862 Aural Exciter

BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer

DBX Crossover for Subwoofers

DBX Drive Rack for DAS Compact 115’s

ETA Power Distro

Speaker Accessories:
Tele-Lock Speaker stands
On Stage Speaker Stands

Line Array Rolling Racks

Line Array Hanging Brackets



(2) Chauvet Intimidator 355z irc (Black) Moving heads

(2) ADJ Inno Spot Pearls (White)Moving Heads

(2) Mini Moving Heads (White) Generic

(10) Chauvet Uplights (Wireless Power)

(8) LED Par Can Lights

(8) ADJ Profile Panel LED Lights
(2) Roboscan 918 Pro 575 Watt Scanner
(4 )Martin Wizard Extreme 250 Watt Lighting Effect
(2) Chauvet Rogue RH-1 330 Watt Moving Head
(2) Martin Atomic 3000 LED Watt Strobe Light 

(1)  Martin Atomic 3000 Standard Strobe
(1) Martin Detonator Strobe Controller
(1) Martin Magnum 2000 Industry Standard High Output Smoke Machine

(4) Elation Extreme Beam moving heads

(2) Elation Smarty Moving Heads hybrids beam/spot/wash

(2) Elation proteus (Sky Beams) outside rated moving heads

(8) Elation led bars out door rated

(32) ADJ Hex Element outdoor rated led uplights

(2) Elation Zoom led Wash moving heads

Hedge Hog Lighting Board

Chamsys Lighting Board

Freestyler Lighting System Controller


Panasonic Projector 8500 Lumens PT-DZ870

(2) 50” LED Flat Screens

Inflatable Projection Screen

Epson Projector 2000 Lumens

Event Extras:

(1)Chauvet Nimbus Dry Ice Machine

(1) Antari snow machine

(1) Antari dry ice machine

(8)  base plates

(8) 10 foot black pipe

(4) Rolling Base Plates

(24) sandbags

(2) Antari Hazers

(1) Antari fog machine

(1)Photo Booth Blow up (white w/LED’s)

(1)Photo Booth Pipe & Drape 

Event Tables & Chairs



(2) 6.5’ Triangle Global Truss Totems w/ Bottom Plates

(2) 5.5’ Triangle Global Truss Totems w / Bottom Plates
(1) 10’X10’X10’ F24 Global Truss DJ Booth w/ canopy
(3) 6.5 ft F34 Global Truss Totems w/ Top and Bottom Plates 


All cables, connectors, cases and rolling racks

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